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1# Source - Buy Bitcoin Worldwide. Check the top 3 exchanges. Compare fees, volumes, supported cryptos, payment methods, and buy crypto with the best deal. 

  • Second largest Chinese platform. 

  • Supports the Huobi wallet.

  • Limited monthly withdrawals of $10,000.  

  • Subsidiaries in 12 major countries.

  • Lowest charges in cryptocurrency dealing.

  • Supports a wide range of virtual assets. 

  • over 30 million users 

  • Digital payments through debit/credit cards.

  • Real-time price updates are available.

  • Five fiat currencies are available.  

  • Access trade history anytime.

  • Over 2.2 million users.   




Binance is world’s #1 platform to deal in cryptocurrency with large trading volumes. The beginners or long time users can access 24/7 customer support and live chat support in  different languages like English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Korean, and Vietnamese. This trusted and reliable cryptocurrency exchange allows millions of merchants to pay using Bitcoins in the selected markets of the world. It allows trade in different cryptos instantly using debit and credit cards. Moreover, Binance wallet supports QR codes that facilitates the exchange of cryptocurrencies instantly. 

  • Traders can deal in 150+ supported currencies. 

  • Safeguard the interest of traders by Secure Asset Funds for the Users (SAFU).

  • Experience the latest prices and trends in the crypto market.

  • Discover more trading opportunities with instant price alerts.

  • The Binance app is easily accessible with advanced features of trading. 

  • Customers can’t deposit funds using traditional payment methods which means that there are no fiat deposits and withdrawals available.

  • Long and delayed response by the customer service providers.



Right after the establishment of Huobi Global Group in 2013, they are financially supported by Sequoia and ZhenFund. Huobi is much more than a digital asset service provider in establishing an online network of licensing globally. The Huobi team partners with companies in over 12 countries including Japan,Thailand and America. The team is highly dedicated to providing safe and professional services like Huobi exchange, OTC Huobi, Huobi Mining Pool, and other world class services.

  • The average trading amount reaches 127,000 Bitcoins. 

  • Listed as the third largest cryptocurrency exchange in the industry. 

  • The additional tool issuing tokens facilitates quick and easy trade in Bitcoins. 

  • Supports fiat and cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoins as well.

  • It allows the users to buy Bitcoins worldwide in pairs also.

  • The closure of BTCC exchange has worked for the popularity of Huobi Global.

  • Huobi coins can only be bought at Huobi exchange.

  • The market integrity must be improved for good credibility as compared to the inflation.

  • The market makers reported a concern over the manipulation that caused an internal investigation.



Kraken is a leading crypto exchange in the global market. It delivers all the advanced features and security that the traders want to have in an exchange supporting the digital currency. It offers a comprehensive trading system in digital currency with advanced order settings. It is the most professional and popular exchange to sell and buy Bitcoins worldwide.  Kraken is based in San Francisco and it is a global cryptocurrency exchange with a clear trading design that allows the users from different countries to buy and sell their Bitcoins. The overall liquidity is relatively higher than the other international exchanges. In the near future, it could possibly expand with consistent growth in the trading volumes.  

  • Charges applicable for buying and selling is as low as 0%

  • Global customer support available for all users.

  • User friendly interface with advanced trading tools

  • Great liquidity for the cryptocurrency and asset coins.

  • Works in more than 100 live cryptocurrency markets

  • 5x marginal trading on different cryptocurrencies.

  • Customised orders placed for buying and selling Bitcoins

  • Custom fee payment uses fiat currency which is not suitable for the buyers and sellers making online payments. 

  • Unresponsive customer support system.

  • Crypto addresses and account details are available with the site and increase the chances of frauds and data theft.

  • Slow transaction speed.

  • Deposit and withdrawal charges for up to $15.

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an electronic form of money that is decentralized and independent of traditional banking methods. The details are sent from peer-to-peer and user-to-user bitcoin blockchain creating a network of sale and purchase transactions without involving intermediaries. Since the emergence of Bitcoins in the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin traders wish to work with the other traders and make transparent transactions. They buy Bitcoins worldwide and eliminate the middlemen and cancel the interest charges payable for trading to manage their wealth independently. Class-leading security is provided by the blockchain that authenticates every transaction.       

  • Bitcoins are locked in cryptography systems.

  • A strong technology base is used to store the information of users with the exchanges and sites.

  • Traders are allowed to buy Bitcoins worldwide without depending on the traditional banks and fiat currency.

  • Bitcoins are highly liquid as compared to other cryptocurrencies

  • Bitcoins are gaining popularity worldwide as a mode of payment in selected markets.

  • Global transactions have made it much easier than regular currencies.

  • BItcoins generally include lower transaction fees

  • Great exposure to specific frauds and scams.

  • Prone to black-market activities that may damage its reputation and benefits.

  • Susceptible to high price swings.

  • No refunds to buy Bitcoins worldwide.

Fiat Currency System

Fiat money transactions are different from crypto transactions because of their distribution system. Fiat money is in both physical and digital form, and there is a medium like a central bank for its creation and distribution.

Fast and Global Trading In Bitcoins

Do you want to buy Bitcoins worldwide? Today, it just takes a couple of minutes to authenticate and confirm. Since the network is spread all over the world, the buying and selling of bitcoins is made more easy and quick with advanced and digital methods like Bitcoin wallets.

Cryptocurrency Risks

Highly Volatile Instrument

Chances Of Theft And Frauds

Charges Applicable For Secure Trading

To buy Bitcoins worldwide is not a fun game, so the traders must enter the cryptocurrency world with complete knowledge regarding digital currency. It is so because they are highly speculative and there is no stability and no particular process of determining the price of Bitcoins.

The digital network for trading in virtual currency is prone to cyber thefts and frauds./ the users must be aware of the fraud emails and connections with the users in the world. The traders must take a step forward only if they are assured of the transaction and the transacting party. Try to keep your credentials safe and secure with Bitcoin wallets while you buy Bitcoins worldwide.

Many traders wish to increase their wealth real quick. But they must check the average price prevailing in the market to buy Bitcoins worldwide. And also the charges applicable for the percentage of profits earned simultaneously.

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