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With the increasing demand for Bitcoin in the global market, it has also become easier to buy Bitcoin world wide. Are you looking to invest in digital assets like Bitcoins? Or are you planning to capitalize on your money for wealth maximization? Regardless, you will require a Bitcoin exchange to buy Bitcoins or make payments using these assets. We have listed the best cryptocurrency exchanges, where you can purchase Bitcoins instantly.

  • VIP membership above US $1,60,000.

  • Supports Huobi OTC. 

  • Provides Huobi Tokens.

  • Daily trading volume 10-12 million.

  • Trading fees at 0.10%.

  • Offers own BNB tokens.

  • Offers trade in 30 cryptos.

  • Provides maximum liquidity.

  • Trading fee based on volume.




Binance launched a gateway for the fiat-to-crypto trade in digital assets globally. It offers withdrawals and deposits in many currencies with the exchange. It also offers marginal trading with leverage trade adjustments for 3x to 5x. Though the exchange is a digital asset platform, it also provides fiat-to-crypto trading. Binance aims to provide a unique match engine to allow the billions of users to access the virtual assets quickly.

  • Allows recurring purchases in Bitcoins regularly.

  • Trade limits can be set for the purchases. 

  • Over 50 million merchants are connected with the crypto exchange

  • Supports limited payment options only.

  • Deals in fiat currency are not available.

  • Trading fees are applicable for the users.



The Huobi Global exchange, allows the users to enjoy full access over their digital asset coins. There are multiple patents registered in the name of the Huobi exchange that offers encryptions and also the safety and security of transacting. The Huobi group of exchange offers Huobi Pool Token which can be used in Huobi Pool globally. It offers a new Bitcoin mining experience to the people trading in Bitcoins along with certification. Their main aim is to create a user-friendly interface and provide their best services every time people connect with the exchange.

  • One-click trade in digital asset coins.

  • Transparent transactions with trading history.

  • Reliable services with high data encryptions.

  • The overall turnover exceeds $1.2 trillion.

  • The minimum threshold amount for digital assets is required.

  • Withdrawal in Bitcoins was stopped due to a ban on Bitcoin exchange.

  • 920 Bitcoins were wrongly deposited in 27 different accounts. 

  • Technical issues are not resolved as promptly as required.



Most of the cryptocurrency pairs with the Kraken exchange include similar charges. Kraken also offers incentives to the market makers according to the number of Bitcoins bought and sold by the people. This increases the liquidity of the exchange in the assets provided for the deals and payments all over the world. The exchange also offers dark pool trading in pairs of fiat currency and bitcoin. The traders who are interested in small investments are generally encouraged through this service.

  • Offers incentives for the makers and takers accordingly.

  • Cost-effective OTC services.

  • Supports many funding options.

  • Fiat currency is allowed.

  • Customer support services need to be more responsive.

  • The account details are held by the website.

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has been traded in the market since 2009. It allows the investors to make instant payments to the people and institutions in a few seconds. BTC is created electronically and allows the users to create a digital account for the storage of bitcoins which is called Bitcoin wallets. There are so many easy options with investors to buyBitcoinsworldwide. The traders can easily buy and sell Bitcoins using a number of methods like bank transfer, credit and debit cards, and wire transfers. However, Bitcoin ATMs can also be used for the fastest payment methods for trading in Bitcoins.

Some interesting facts about Bitcoins:

  • Bitcoin uses computerized accounts for trading. 

  • Bitcoins cannot be held or kept in a pocket or wallet

  • It can only be held electronically on an exchange. 

  • Bitcoin is treated as a fixed asset. 

  • Currently, there are over 21 million coins. 

  • The computer network verifies and tracks the ownership of Bitcoins which in return allows quick and risk-free transfers of bitcoins.

Fiat Currency System

In the case of fiat currency exchange, a person needs banks or payment institutions to receive or send international fiat money like EUR, USD, etc. And for this, an international wire transfer takes 3-7 days.

Bitcoin Payment System

A decentralized ledger is used to operate the Bitcoin network so all the transaction history will be here forever. While the people buyBitcoinworldwide, the transactions and payments are authorized by a particular network through Bitcoin mining, so computers confirm transactions. 

Cryptocurrency Risks

Price Variations

Trading Fees to BuyBitcoinWorldwide

Non-Regulatory Transactions

As compared to other currencies, digital currencies include price variations. The profits and losses on the Bitcoins are based on the trading values. The price speculation is combined with the trading margin that could lead to certain losses.

Bitcoins are highly volatile and speculative products that require a percentage of trading value to be deposited with the exchange. The crypto exchanges can suspend the trade deals if they do not get reliable prices in the exchange market. So the trading fees may be applicable to the deals to buyBitcoinsworldwide.

The cryptocurrencies are regulated without including central or localized banks sometimes. So the transactions involved when you buybitcoinsworldwide includes digital payments to attract more attention and provide safe and secure transactions all over the world.

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