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The first Bitcoin surge wave was quite impressive to watch and even sweeter for those who had invested in the cryptocurrency early on before it peaked. Interestingly, Bitcoin's performance this year has been quite bullish. Many people have jumped on board to take advantage of the Bitcoin rally, and if you wish to do so, you should try to buy bitcoin now while you still have a chance.

There are numerous reasons why you should consider investing in Bitcoin. The first one is that it is now easier than ever before to own cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, thanks to the many legitimate platforms out there. However, there is still a need to exercise caution because many scam platforms out there are out to steal your hard-earned cash. That is why you need a reliable platform where you can buy bitcoin now without having to go through lengthy and annoying processes. Unfortunately, even the internet is full of scam reviews that mislead people. Fortunately, there is a platform called that is not exactly an avenue for buying bitcoin but a guide to the best crypto trading platforms.

What is is a website that was designed to provide guide crypto traders, especially those that are new to the market, towards the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges from which they can purchase crypto. The website was launched by a cryptocurrency industry entrepreneur called Mardo Soo, who also owns a service that registers crypto companies and exchanges in Estonia. A bit of background info on Estonia is one of the countries that are tapping into the crypto and blockchain space to gain a digital edge.

The country also has an elaborate legal framework and guidelines that companies are supposed to follow to be fully compliant before operating in the country. It is one of the steps that have been implemented to eliminate fraud and scammers. That being said, is, therefore, a trustworthy platform.

How does it work?

If you want to buy bitcoin now, the chances are that you have been captivated by the fact that is trustworthy, but you need to understand how it works. Well, it is relatively simple. The platform has analysts that are continually evaluating various aspects of existing crypto exchanges across the world. The aspects include the cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange, the payment methods accessible on each exchange, the transaction fees, and the trading volumes. This information is then used to narrow down the top three exchanges, which are then ranked on the website, including the features they offer.​

Note that the website is for educational purposes only and does not provide any investment advice. It is merely a guide through which people can identify the crypto trading platforms best suited for them. One of the platform's goals is to encourage healthy competition among crypto exchanges as they compete to improve their offerings to be listed in the top three, thus earning a chance to gain more users. It, of course, provides a benefit to users because the services keep improving in their favor.  

Meanwhile, users also benefit from the platform since they get to know which exchanges are legitimate and trustworthy and which ones align with their individual needs. For example, a crypto trader that wants to use the crypto exchange platform with the lowest fees without compromising on other essential features can use to determine which exchange is ideal for their needs. Some crypto exchanges offer decent or even attractive services, but they charge high fees that reduce your profit margin.

What to know before you start trading cryptocurrencies

If you are new to the trading landscape, then there are few things you need to know. A profitable trader always does due diligence. Before you decide to buy Bitcoin now that it is rallying and presents an opportunity, consider some due diligence. Usually, you would have had to do a lot of research to determine which exchanges are legitimate and likely to give you trading success. However, thanks to, you do not need to do that much work.

Jumping on the Bitcoin train

As noted earlier, Bitcoin has been doing well over the past few months, and it is no surprise. Unlike in the early days where people invested in Bitcoin without knowing what is driving the price, today, we have a better understanding of how the crypto market works. You should, therefore, take advantage of the knowledge to gain success. For example, Bitcoin has been gaining value because people have been using it as a haven to protect their wealth from loss as fiat currencies lose value due to the economic downturn caused by COVID19.

Bitcoin's current rally mainly traces back to March, which is around the same time that the coronavirus started to impact the market. The chances are that cryptocurrencies will continue to be used as safe havens or alternative investments until the markets fully recover, likely after a cure or vaccine for COVID19 is found. It means that it will be a bit easier to determine whether it's an excellent time to enter the market or exit.



There is no better time to invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, especially when you consider that you now have to provide all the necessary information that you require when looking for a reliable exchange. It means you can enter the market at the right time and through the right avenue, which helps you avoid scammers. also goes the extra steps to provide tips regarding Bitcoin transactions and the risks associated with the crypto market. In other words, it is a platform that is designed to give traders a chance to succeed in the crypto market. It is why you should consider visiting the website before you start trading cryptocurrencies because it will put you in a better position to achieve success.

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