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Crypto exchanges comparison


  • 12+ million daily users

  • Buy bitcoin with SEPA and debt/credit card

  • 180+ Supported Countries; Popular Globally


  • 2+ million daily users

  • Buy bitcoin with debit/credit card

  • 130+ Supported Countries


  • 2.2+ million daily users

  • Buy bitcoin with SEPA

  • 180+ Supported Countries; Popular in Europe


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Binance is a crypto exchange and the largest local buy bitcoins source. It has been on the radar of the crypto enthusiasts since 2017. The exchange offers the biggest collection of crypto pairs for trading. Major digital assets like Ethereum, Litcoin, Ripple, and others can be traded with Bitcoin easily. The exchange also offers fiat-crypto trading with multiple payment methods. Founded by Changpeng Zhao, Binance has grown into a trusted crypto ecosystem. Now it is the largest crypto exchange with 180 tokens listed for trading. The company is now settled in Malta, after some movements from China to Japan, and then to Taiwan.

With the launch of a native ERC-20 token Binance has grown into a powerhouse. The native token Binance coin (BNB) powers the entire Binance ecosystem.  The good thing about BNB is that it also incentivizes users for holding the token.

  • Supports all the Major Cryptos and ICO’s 

  • Trusted in the Blockchain community

  • Developed the largest user base within the shortest possible time

  • Leading the digital currency trade community

  • Discounted trading fee for using BNB tokens

  • 0.1% actual trading fee which is within the market average

  • Own Blockchain ecosystem called Binance Chain

  • Extreme demand makes customer service slower

  • Failed to save 7000 Bitcoins from the hackers 


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Huobi has emerged as one of the most trusted local buy Bitcoins source globally. Since 2013, it has placed itself as a leading exchange for Asian audiences. After some brand reshaping Huobi is offering one of the leading crypto exchanges called “Huobi Global.” The Journey of Huobi started when Leon Li successfully founded the exchange during the humble beginnings of the Bitcoin. The platform now offers a wide variety of cryptos along with an own creation called Huobi Token (HT).

The native Huobi Token (HT) is the utility token to compete with other major exchanges, offer discounts, and other matters like voting. The token offers better discount rates if held than the actual 0.2% trading of Huobi.

  • Exceptional user experience

  • Easy to use and elegant website for the customers 

  • Supports 200+ currencies inside the ecosystem

  • Good rates for holding Huobi Tokens

  • Offers the best security in the market

  • 2FA using both SMS and Authenticator Apps available

  • Never been hacked

  • No option to white list addresses

  • A minimum deposit is required


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Kraken is an American platform to buy local Bitcoins. The crypto exchange was found in 2011 which now supports crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto trades. Jesse Powell founded the company after watching the disorder in the exchanges like Mt. Gox. Since then Kraken became a popular source for Bitcoins with robust services developed by the Kraken Team. Mostly popular in Europe for its higher volume and liquidity, Kraken is mainly headquartered in San Fransisco. 

In 2019, Kraken acquired Crypto Facilities and became the first to offer future trading. The deal was made at $100 million but Kraken got a massive response of $1 billion in crypto future trading including Bitcoin. 

  • Most Popular in Europe

  • Lower trading fees

  • Higher global reputation as a Bitcoin exchange

  • Major Crypto-to-Crypto and Fiat-to-Crypto trading services available

  • First to use future trading

  • Popular for participating in the Mt. Gox liquidation

  • Highly Secured for professional traders

  • Very high Bitcoin trading volumes

  • Increased customer demand creates support issues

  • A withdrawal hold is exercised for the first fiat deposit

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (₿) is the first digital asset with a vision to disrupt the traditional financial system of the world. This digital currency started its journey in 2009 by a mysterious person known as Satoshi Nakamoto. Since then Bitcoin had a grandiose journey by becoming a super currency. Bitcoin has many good features. For instance, merchandise can be purchased anonymously, international transactions will be faster and cheaper, and no one country can regulate the currency.

Buying Bitcoin is also an easy process. Bitcoins can be found in exchanges and local buy Bitcoins sources. The currency can be purchased using a personal computer or a mobile device. The purchased assets are transferred in a digital wallet. The wallet exists in the cloud or on a user computer. 

- Technology-based currency rather than paper of silver coins. 

- International transactions are cheaper and faster.

- Bitcoin has a decentralized nature.

- No country can regulate the currency.

- Stock exchange like crypto exchanges offers Bitcoin buy and sell platforms.

- Cryptography technologies dominate the digital asset.

- Miners get 12.5 Bitcoins for every 10 minutes of mining.

To learn more about crypto check What is Bitcoin?, The best way to buy Bitcoin or Buy Bitcoin.

Bitcoin transactions

Bitcoin came to existence to solve the traditional problem of the cash-based economy. A bitcoin transaction is much faster than any other alternative solutions. It beats the credit and debit cards, Swift, and other payment methods in transaction time, cost, and safety. The use of Bitcoin to buy products, and pay for restaurants and services is increasing in the time of the recent pandemic. Many also hold Bitcoin as an investment with an expectation to increase its value in the future. 

- digital wallets are used once the Bitcoins are purchased by a user 

- both fiat and other cryptocurrencies can be used for purchasing Bitcoins

- Bitcoin exchanges charge a very nominal trading fee for the transaction 

Regular fiat system

With a thousand-year history, Fiat is the most popular financial system of the modern age. U.S president Nixon introduced laws to stop the conversion of currencies into gold. From then most of the modern nations use paper-backed fiat currencies which lacks the intrinsic value. The supply and demand create the value of the fiat currency. 

- fiat can’t be converted or redeemed

- government decree required to use it as a legal tender

- government is responsible for protecting the fiat from the counterfeits

Cryptocurrency Risks

High Volatility

Bitcoin prices are unpredictable. The price rises or declines very sharply in the short term. The higher shift in price can be a reason for greed or fear for the investors. However, studying the volatility can be highly rewarding. Bitcoin has the potential to outperform all the assets out there in the financial markets. 

Lots of scammars

It is not easy to hack the Bitcoin since it has the most advanced technology built inside the ecosystem. But a lot of scammers are trying to gain access to the investor private key. With the private key hackers can easily steal the entire digital wallet. Sometimes ignorance and coincidence can be responsible for such events. 

Robbery fees

Fraudulent exchanges with a guarantee for higher profitability take more fees from the investors. Some smaller exchanges even offer 50% more price and scam the newcomers in the Bitcoin domain. Even professionals with a sense of urgency invest in the schemes and get exposed to real currency and exchange trading risk.

"Bitcoin might become a world currency but the most important fact will be paying for the products and services. And asset transfers will be much easier with Bitcoin.”
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