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  • Best Trading fees: 0,1 - 0,2 % 

  • Supported currencies 190+

  • Operational since 2017


  • Pre-trade basis Fees: 0,00 - 0,26 %

  • Supported currencies 118+

  • Operational Since 2013


  • Competitive Trading Fee: 0,01 - 0,2%

  • Supported Currencies 30+

  • Founded in 2011


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Binance is the best way to buy Bitcoin. Binance is considered the largest Cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume. Recently, Binance became a big headline for launching mainnet Binance Chain with the feature of migrating from the Ethereum Blockchain to the Binance Chain. Binance also offers one of the largest Crypto collections with 230+ pairs. The exchange is fast and can process millions of transactions in seconds. With a vision to change the financial system, the founder Changpeng Zhao had tremendous global success with the exchange.

Some success of Binance can be credited to the native BNB token. It is an ERC-20 token which achieved 9,600% return on investment from the December 2017 ICO.  

  • Offers a powerful ecosystem with the best features available in the market

  • It provides a Community-first service

  • Trustworthy and safe exchange

  • Offers 230 tokens listed on Binance 

  • Maintained the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange in 2019

  • 15-20 Million Binance users worldwide

  • 1 million users holding the native BNB token

  • 0.1% trading fee is very competitive

  • Offers more discounts (25%) for using BNB inside the Binance ecosystem

  • Binance was hacked once with $40 million stolen 

  • Newer exchanges can be a potential threat for this large exchange

  • Some user concerns due to privacy issues


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Huobi is a leading digital asset marketplace with hundreds of crypto pairs ready for trading including Bitcoin. Huobi also offers a native Houbi Token (HT) for the users to get more benefit from the exchange. With 7+ years of track record in the industry, Huobi is now operating on a global scale with 200+ cryptocurrencies and 20+ fiats under the project. The exchange once held a 50% market share of the global digital asset market. With a vision to serve the crypto lovers, founder Leon Li has successfully made the exchange a dominating factor in the industry.

The native HT is used for rewards and trading discounts with 100 million tokens reserved for the purpose. But if you don’t hold HT the trading fee (0.2%) can be higher than the Binance platform (0.1%).

  • Simple Account verification


  • History of $247 billion turnover

  • Access to wider ranges of currencies (200+)

  • Better margin trading features with up to 5x leverage

  • Stronger security features including 2FA

  • Supports major fiats, cryptos, and payment methods like credit/debit card for Bitcoin trading

  • Stronger customer support

  • Offers multiple language customer support in the website

  • Lower withdrawal limits compared to the competitors

  • Higher trading fees


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Kraken is known for being a highly secured and transparent crypto exchange and the best way to buy Bitcoin. The exchange offers higher liquidity, safety, and better prices. The trading fee is quite reasonable keeping Kraken in the list of the Bitcoin enthusiasts.  Although Kraken has been serving as a great crypto exchange service since 2011 it gained the most attention for having a higher EUR liquidity. 

The exchange founded by Jesse Powell who was involved in the liquidation of Mt Gox, one of the largest crypto exchanges back then.  

  • Offers a safe haven for the Bitcoin trading

  • Withdrawal and trading fees are cheaper starting from 0% to 0.26%

  • Very popular among professional traders especially for the EURO traders

  • Bitcoin trading using Fiat is simple and easy

  • The first exchange to use proof of reserves audit

  • Ranked among the top exchange along with Binance and Huobi

  • Margin trading available for leverage

  • Using Swift as a payment method can take up to $15 for each withdrawal and deposit

  • Similar concerns on privacy like Binance 

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What is Bitcoin?

Our world is ready for a change in the traditional financial system and Bitcoin (₿) is the best alternative for that. Unlike the fiat currencies, Bitcoin doesn’t require any banking system to work as an intermediary. The best way to buy Bitcoin is by using exchanges making it one of the cheapest and fastest ways for transactions. 

The world’s first digital asset Bitcoin was launched in 2009 by a person called Satoshi Nakamoto. The actual identity of Satoshi is yet to be discovered but the revolution he started with Bitcoin has become one of the most trending investment tools in the world.

The value of the currency was cheaper at the beginning but started to hit higher with $250 for each Bitcoin in 2013. It eventually had an all-time high with $20,000 each Bitcoin. So for $100 investment in Bitcoin in January 2011 might worth millions today.

- Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, open for global transactions. 

- Borderless transactions are faster and cheaper since it doesn’t require any banking channel.

- Unlike fiat currencies, Bitcoin uses a finite total supply of 21 million.

- Peer-to-Peer transactions are simple and faster.

- Bitcoins can be easily obtained and using exchanges like stock markets.

- Digital wallets are used to store the value of the currency.

- Mining is a popular way to obtain more Bitcoins like Gold mining.

To learn more about crypto check What is Crypto?, Trusted site to buy Bitcoin or Buy Bitcoin.

Bitcoin transactions

Bitcoin was invented to be untraceable and unhackable. A blockchain network records and verifies the transactions by grouping the Bitcoin transactions into blocks. When the blocks are made, it is added to the chain using cryptography technologies. Since technology is highly involved in the process Bitcoin can easily bypass the banks during the transactions.  

- the currency can be transferred only digitally using online networks 

- transactions are not subject to government regulations

- the complexity of the digital transactions make Bitcoin safer than Fiats

Regular fiat system

With no intrinsic value, fiat currency is government-backed legal tender. Unlike commodity money, it doesn’t take any value from precious metals like Gold. So the supply of the fiat has no limitation. Central banks generally print fiat money on behalf of the government. But whenever a note is issued it issues the citizen a percentage of government’s debt.

- no intrinsic value

- central banks create money when people borrow money

- transaction speed is slower than cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency Risks

High Volatility

Bitcoin is one of the wildest assets in the world. The price volatility derives from the speculation. Market news makes quick price shifts due to human sentiment. So understanding the risk of volatility before deciding to buy Bitcoin is very important. The Bitcoin market might face booms, panics, and bubbles but panic in any situation should be enough to lose all the Bitcoins.    

Lots of scammars

Scamming the Bitcoin assets of the users is now an old technique used by hackers. Scammers are trying to crack the security protocols using techniques that are related to user greed. Most of the time scammers send “Get more Bitcoin” messages and take the secured private keys. Many Bitcoin users take the bait and lose everything. So keeping any data regarding Bitcoin private is important to safeguard the digital assets.

Robbery fees

Some smaller exchanges other than Binance, Huobi, and Kraken might ask for higher trading fees during Bitcoin transactions. This is called the robbery fees and a potential threat for the Bitcoin lovers. So checking the prices in the top exchanges before trading in the smaller exchanges can be a good strategy to save some money. 

"Bitcoin has a unique characteristic, transactions happen only when two parties agree to spend some coins without third-party involvement ."
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